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President Trump’s Comments About ‘The Squad’ Have Reinforced Racist and Inaccurate Posts About Them Online

Trump Venezuela

“This is the agenda of white nationalists, whether it is happening in chat rooms or it’s happening on national TV,” Omar said this week. “And now it’s reached the White House garden.”

#Trump #WhiteSupremacy #SocialMedia#TheSquad


‘Die!’: Alleged arsonist turned a celebrated Japanese anime studio into a death trap


Though a 41-year-old suspect is now in police custody, the motive behind the startling attack on an animation house remains unclear and largely incomprehensible. The incident has shaken Japan, a country where mass violence remains relatively rare and animated production is a national obsession.

#Japan #Violence #Arson #Anime


Uganda’s gold boom leaves small-scale miners behind

Uganda Gold

“There’s gold over there but they don’t let us touch it,” says Jalia Namatovu, pointing to hills covered in a thick layer of vibrant green forest in Mubende, Central Uganda.

Here lie some of the country’s rich gold reserves, which are increasingly being explored by Ugandan and foreign companies alike.

#Uganda #Gold #Venezuela #Africa

Here Are the Bad Things NASA Thought Might Happen to the First Astronauts on the Moon



Fifty years ago this week, humankind landed on the Moon for the first time. It was one of the most impressive technological feats ever pulled off, filled with peril and uncertainty. Given that, it’s fair to wonder just what exactly NASA scientists were worried could have happened to the astronauts during and after their lunar trip. And yes, aliens (specifically, alien microbes) were on the short list.

#Moon #NASA #Astronauts #Space

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