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Amazon deforestation is accelerating under Bolsonaro, and scientists fear a tipping point

Amazon Rainforest

Scientists fear that past a certain point of deforestation, the rainforest could be in jeopardy of degrading into a savannah. Tropical rainforests are critical storage sites for carbon dioxide, keeping the greenhouse gas in its solid carbon state, locked away in soils and trees. The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, making its protection critical to preventing runaway climate change.

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California garlic festival shooting: four dead in Gilroy attack, including gunman

Cali Shooting

A gunman killed three people, including a six-year-old boy, and injured at least 11 people when he opened fire at a food festival in northern California before being shot dead by police.

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Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser says Trump has become the ‘face of racism and exclusion’

Siemens CEO

“It saddens me that the most important political office in the world is becoming the face of racism and exclusion,” Kaeser said in a Twitter post in German. “I lived for many years in the USA and experienced freedom, tolerance, and openness as never before. That was ‘America Great at work’!!”

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Boris Johnson’s Ascension to Prime Minister Leaves Artists Anxious—and Inspired Anish Kapoor to Make This Ribald Cartoon

The Conservative Party Announces Their New Leader And Prime Minister

Meanwhile, there is no love lost between Johnson and Sadiq Khan, his successor as London’s mayor. Johnson has recently called Khan “useless.” Johnson’s arrival in Downing Street may earn a reprieve, however, for Norman Foster’s “Tulip” observation tower, which Khan has recently rejected due to “limited public benefit” and “insufficient quality” for the location near the Thames. The 1,000-foot-tall landmark in the City of London is just the sort of building that Johnson welcomed as mayor, and could now back as prime minister.

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