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More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction

UK mammals 2

“I think the most important thing that young people can do to help the environment is to educate the adults around them, put pressure on the people in charge and show other young people that even small actions can have a big impact

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Elected Left, Governing Right


In Ecuador, President Lenín Moreno has allied with his political opponents to implement a conservative economic agenda, threatening to undo the country’s strides in tackling poverty and inequality over the past decade.


Hong Kong May Ban Face Masks By Invoking Colonial-Era Emergency Powers

Hong Kong 4.jpg

The mass protests erupted in early June when millions of people in Hong Kong took to the streets to demand that Lam withdraw a bill that would have allowed Hong Kongers accused of crimes to be extradited to mainland China to face trial.

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Texas won’t go blue

Texas .jpg

For years Democrats have predicted that Texas was just a few election cycles away from becoming a toss-up state. At an event in Austin on September 28th Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House said that Texas is Democrats’ “hope for the future” of the party. Texas is more racially diverse and younger than the country at large. Non-whites lean heavily Democratic and young Americans are the most Democratic generation of all.
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