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Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To ‘Open Structure Call’


Authorities say that when they entered Jefferson’s home, a gun was recovered from the bedroom — the area where police shot and where Jefferson was pronounced dead. Officials did not say whether Jefferson was holding a weapon at the time the officer fired at her.


Ecuador Reaches Fuel Subsidy Deal To End Violent Protests

Ecuador 3.jpg

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno and leaders of the country’s indigenous peoples have reached a deal to cancel a disputed austerity package. The move follows nearly two weeks of violent, widespread protests.

#Ecuador #Unrest #Protest #InternationalMonetaryFund

The Most Feminist Revolution the World Has Ever Witnessed

Kurdish Women.jpeg

A rifle over her shoulder, she told me that never before in her country, or the region, had women been equal to men. Without equality for women, there could be no justice in society. She was prepared to die to defend this dispensation. Tragically, Viyan was killed several months after our interview, fighting ISIS in the town of Al-Shaddadi.

#TheKurds #Politics #Feminism #WomensRights

Police Robot on Patrol Completely Ignores Woman Trying to Summon The Police

Robo Cop.jpg
The fact that people assume the robot, which has the word “police” emblazoned on it in large letters, can connect them to the police department reveals just how nebulous these robots are. Especially when they pop up without any sort of public education to go alongside them.

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