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Israeli embassies around the world shut as diplomats, military attachés strike

Israel Embassy 2.jpg

All Israeli embassies and consulates around the world shut down early Wednesday as diplomats and military attachés went on strike in a long-simmering dispute with the Finance Ministry over expense stipends paid to envoys.

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Students defy prime minister to join Iraq protests

Iraq Protest.jpeg

Despite the OPEC member country’s vast oil wealth, many Iraqis live in poverty or have limited access to clean water, electricity, basic healthcare and education. Iraq is struggling to recover from years of conflict following the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 that overthrew Saddam Hussein.

Iraqis blame a political elite they say is subservient to one or other of Iraq’s two main allies, the United States and Iran. Many suspect these powers use Iraq as a proxy to pursue their struggle for regional influence, without concern for the needs of ordinary people.

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Trump Was Booed Again, This Time at a UFC Fight

Trump Booed .jpg

Less thank a week after he was greeted with boos and chants of “lock him up” at a Washington DC World Series baseball game, Donald Trump attended another sporting event Saturday night. And he was booed there, too.

Trump took in an Ultimate Fighting Championship match at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where he appeared alongside his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and congress members including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. His reception at MSG was more mixed than it had been at Nationals Park, with some cheers and applause joining in with jeers.

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There’s Something Strange Going On Inside Neptune

Neptune .jpg

“It adds to our knowledge of the physics and chemistry in planetary atmospheres and helps us understand our own Earth a little better, since the physics and chemistry operate in the same way whether here on Earth or on distant Neptune,”

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