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America’s unintentional indifference to veterans

Veterans Day 2.jpg

I need you to understand that war is a democratic process. The military does not choose it. The people you choose to elect do. Respectfully, for that reason, you shouldn’t be allowed to gaze from afar, put us out of mind, cut off yourself to us. Whatever we have done, it was because you hired us to do it. I need you to have an answer to: What do you think about that? Because if your answer right now is “I don’t really know,” well I don’t really know what your support means in practicality.

#ThankYouforYourService #VeteransDay #Military #Politics


2 Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying For Saudi Arabia

Twitter Saudi's

Two former employees of Twitter were charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by snooping into thousands of private accounts seeking personal information about critics of the Riyadh government, according to court documents filed Wednesday in San Francisco.

#Twitter #SaudiArabia #SocialMedia


African slaves cut open for their kidneys in Libya’s burgeoning organ trafficking market

Libya 1.jpg

“Some victims are informed that their organs will be taken for a fee and they will also be taken care of, but as soon as the organs are taken, the victims are sutured back and the money promised not given, while the victim is left to die if they decide to take every organ,”

#Libya #SlaveTrade #HumanTrafficking


Deadly virus spreads among marine mammals as Arctic ice melts

Sea Seals .jpg

“We didn’t understand how a virus from the Atlantic ended up in these sea otters. It’s not a species that ranges widely,” says Tracey Goldstein, a scientist at the University of California Davis who investigates how pathogens move through marine ecosystems.

#Seals #Science #nature #ClimateChange

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