The Week in Stories Around the Globe

The Syrian women and girls sold into sexual slavery in Lebanon

Syrian Sex Trade 2

We meet women who are Lebanese, East Africans and a lot of Syrians. They all want to leave the job, but the only ones I have seen leaving a trafficker was because they were handed to another [trafficker].


Bernie Sanders isn’t a radical — he’s a pragmatist who fights to un-rig the system

Bernie Sanders 1

In short, Sanders is much more pragmatic and less ideological than his opponents would like to admit. But we can expect to hear more — from various quarters — of this labeling him as a “radical,” if he continues to gain on his competitors in the Democratic primary.

#FeeltheBern #Election2020 #ThisIsAmerica

Philippines’ Duterte says Trump deserves to be re-elected

Trump and Duterte

Trump said on Wednesday he did not mind Duterte’s decision to end the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) even as his defense secretary, Mark Esper, called the move “unfortunate” as Washington and its allies press China to abide by “international rules” in Asia.

‘Largest turtles that ever existed’ in South America were the size of a car

Giant Turtles

“The two shell types indicate that two sexes of Stupendemys existed – males with horned shells, and females with hornless shells,” explained Marcelo Sánchez, director of the Paleontological Institute at the university and head of the study. These horns could have been used as lances during fights with rivals, the team suggested.

#Turtles #Science #Nature #Amazon

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