I Have a ‘Black’ Friend

If You Got some White Friends…


White folks, it is not the responsibility of your black friend, colleague, or romantic partner to educate you about racism. There are libraries and history books for that!

White folks, just because you read a book by Cornel West that one time doesn’t make you an expert on black culture.

White folks, just because you listen to hip-hop music doesn’t mean you can say, nigga. Periodt!

White folks, fornicating with a black person, doesn’t make you an expert on the black experience.

White folks, yes, we voted for Obama because he was black.

White folks, stop asking your one black friend your black people questions. Get more black friends.

White folks, putting a yoga studio and doggie spa in the hood is called gentrification.

White folks, if you’re dating a black person, the world doesn’t care about your relationship, and all eyes aren’t on you. You’re just paranoid.

White folks, that one black person that always agrees with you, does not represent every black person in the whole damn world.

White folks, the movie Get Out, is a really a documentary.

White folks, if you say “All Lives Matter,” you’re probably racist.

White folks, having a black person in your family doesn’t mean you can’t be racist.

White folks, when you say ‘I’m not racist but’…that’s racist.

White folks, just because you voted for Obama doesn’t mean you can’t be racist

White folks, MLK didn’t end racism, y’all killed him before he could.

White folks, having the one black person per house party, does not count for ‘diversity.’

White folks, all black people ain’t related or know each other.

White folks, just because Oprah made it doesn’t mean racism is over.

White folks, confusing the only two black dudes that work at your job is racist. They’re different people, and they don’t even fucking look alike.

White folks, not all black people know how to dance.

White folks, don’t ever touch a black person’s hair. Ever!

White folks, fried chicken is delicious. Y’all muthafuckers love it too

White folks, what did y’all do to Kanye West?

White folks, you can’t be president just because you had a black friend. Shout out to Joe Biden!

White folks, if you get mad at this post, get over it. It’s satire


Happy Black History Month




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