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Medicare For All Will Help Improve The Lives Of Black Women


The cruel indignity of not being able to afford health care is an experience that knows no color boundaries. But it is an experience disproportionately shouldered by Black and Brown women in this country and it is time for that to come to an end.



A “people’s war” against coronavirus in China has echoes of Mao’s era

China Coronavirsus

 “Our officials have performed well… but there are also some who would not act or are too afraid of taking any responsibility, who only move if there are orders from above. Such behavior will not be tolerated, and must be firmly corrected.”

#china #xijinping #coronavirus #maozedong


In Germany, racism is becoming more mainstream

Germany Racism

What politicians need to do is not parrot far-right narratives to protect their vote share but present an acceptable way forward for all Germans, while reminding the German society of the ills of racism, xenophobia, and ethnic hatred. If not, further bitterness between the “natives” and the immigrants in the form of ethnic and racist polarisation would likely unfold.

#Germany #Racism #RightWing #Europe


A heat wave in Antarctica melted 20% of an island’s snow in 9 days


“I haven’t seen melt ponds develop this quickly in Antarctica,” Mauri Pelto, a geologist at Nichols College in Massachusetts, told NASA’s Earth Observatory. “You see these kinds of melt events in Alaska and Greenland, but not usually in Antarctica.”

#Antarctica #ClimateChange #Heatwave #Science



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