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Where You’re Out of Work Makes All the Difference in the World

Vice 2

“When life goes back to normal, I’m going to be at the lowest rung of the ladder,” Bowen said. “I’m not going to have anything, and I’m going to be so behind on all my bills. It’s just going to be an avalanche.”

#Germany #UnitedStates #Depression #COVID19


‘Beautiful’ view emerges as polluted sky clears in India amid lockdown

India Mountains

The last time that cities in the state of Punjab, like Jalandhar, saw the Himalayan Mountains was about 30 years ago.

#Pollution #India #COVID19 #Himalayans


Nova Scotia shooting death toll rises as Trudeau calls on Canadians to stand united

Canada Shooting

“We are a country that stands united in our effort to defeat a pandemic, save lives and to help each other make it to a better day,” he said. “But yesterday we were jolted from that common cause by the senseless violence and tragedy.”

#MassShootings #Canada #Violence


Milky Way could be blasting stars into far reaches of the galaxy

Milky Way

Simulations suggest clusters of supernova — explosions from dying stars — can create a scattering of hot suns in the outer reaches of the Milky Way.

#Science #MilkyWay #TheUniverse




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