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‘Dengue kills too’: Latin America faces two epidemics at once

Latin America Health 2

As the coronavirus kills thousands and dominates government attention across Latin America, another deadly viral infection is quietly stalking the region.

#LatinAmerica #Dengue #COVID #Ecuador


Hong Kong parliament in chaos as politicians fight for chair

Hong Kong Brawl

“Deadlock in a legislature often is part of a healthy democracy as it ensures the voice of the minority is heard and not trampled on. It happens in Congress & UK all the time. Rewriting the rules to bulldoze through bad legislation is not the answer.”

#HongKong #Brawl #Democracy #Politics




The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months


It’s time we told a different kind of story. The real Lord of the Flies is a tale of friendship and loyalty; one that illustrates how much stronger we are if we can lean on each other.

#ThePacific #Tonga #LordoftheFlies #Hope



COVID-19 Took Black Lives First. It Didn’t Have To.

Chicago COVID

“I couldn’t be there to hold her hand. I know she knew that, even though she was unconscious,” she said. “I think that had a metaphysical impact on her health.”

In the early evening of April 3, the hospital was able to connect Williams with her mother through FaceTime. A few minutes after hearing her daughter’s voice, Franklin died.




Stunning, high-res photos of Jupiter find holes in the Great Red Spot


“We want to know how Jupiter’s atmosphere works,” said Michael Wong, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley and first author on the paper, in a press release. “This is where the teamwork of Juno, Hubble and Gemini comes into play.”

#Science #Jupiter #Space #GreatRedSpot

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