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The Trump Administration Is Rushing Deportations of Migrant Children During Coronavirus

Trump Rona 2

“The government is removing very young children to no one,” Cubas said. “But our courts are in a state of emergency. Our media is COVID-19 all the time. We don’t even have congressional hearings right now in full force. There is less scrutiny.”

#Trump #Deportations #Mexico #LatinAmerica


Man fatally shot by Peel police in Brampton identified as D’Andre Campbell

A man who died following a shooting involving Peel police in Brampton on Monday has been identified as 26-year-old D’Andre Campbell.

Ontario’s police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU),  said Campbell was shot in the area of Sawston Circle and Edenbrook Hill Drive, near Sandalwood Parkway West.

#Toronto #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceMurder #MentalHealth

Germany and South Korea excelled at Covid-19 containment. It still came back.

Germany 1

“Without a vaccine or antiviral drugs,” Duchin said, our best hopes are social distancing, widespread testing, and contact tracing. That is a herculean task for understaffed and overwhelmed public health agencies.

#Germany #SouthKorea #COVID #Reopening


UK urges Myanmar military to extend cease-fire, citing virus


“The conflict also makes it more challenging to address the long-term underlying causes of conflict in Rakhine and to create conditions conducive to the safe, voluntary, and dignified repatriation of Rohingya refugees, which remains an important and urgent priority,” the UK said.

#Burma #Politics #UnitedKingdom

Scientists spot ‘one in a million’ super-Earth

Super Earth

There’s a lot of hope wrapped up in a term like “super-Earth,” but there are no guarantees a planet in this category will look anything like our own. NASA describes super-Earths as “up to 10 times more massive than Earth,” but says they may vary in composition from water worlds to icy planets to ones made mainly of gas. #SuperEarth #NASA #Space #TheUniverse

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