The Week in Stories Across the Globe

‘A Disgusting Display’: Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Stun Grenades, and Tear Gas at Demonstrators Protesting Killing of George Floyd


“Firing them is a good start, but we want to see justice for our family. We want to see them charged. We want to have them arrested,” said Tera Brown, Floyd’s cousin. “What they did was murder.”

#BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #Minneapolis


What’s it like to be black in Canada? Under policing, it’s hell, says Desmond Cole

BLM Canada

“Black people are tired of being stepped on. We don’t care if you mean to step on us.”

#BlackLivesMatter #Canada #Racism #Police


Siberia in Midst of Freak Heat Wave

Siberian Heatwave

“That’s not only a new record anomaly for Russia. That’s the largest January to April anomaly ever seen in any country’s national average,” Robert Rohde of the nonprofit climate research group Berkeley Earth said in a tweet.

#Siberia #Heatwave #ClimateChange #Russia

The Strange Hearts of Neutron Stars

Neutron Stars

“It’s one thing to know the ingredients,” says Jocelyn Read, an astrophysicist at California State University, Fullerton. “It’s another to understand the recipe, and how those ingredients are going to interact with each other.

#Science #Physics #NeutronStars #TheUniverse

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