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Why The Small Protests In Small Towns Across America Matter

Uprising2020 1

These protests cut across demographics and geographic spaces. They’re happening in places with little in the way of a protest tradition, in places with majority white population and majority black, and at an unprecedented scale. People who’ve watched and participated in the Black Lives Matter movement since 2015 say that this time feels different. And the prevalence of these small protests is one of many reasons why.

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The K-Pop Stans Are Radicalizing


The idea that K-pop fans can be unleashed, like some sort of kraken, against racist messaging and police surveillance has quickly become a Twitter joke — but also, sort of a legitimate strategy, too

#KPop #BLM #Uprising #SouthKorea


Hundreds In Argentina Protest Floyd’s Death

Argentina BLM

Hundreds of people protested in Buenos Aires on Tuesday against the death of George Floyd in the United States. Demonstrators marched along main streets to settle in front of the American Chamber of Commerce in central Buenos Aires. Organizers said that causes of the protest in the US are shared by South America.

#Argentina #Protest #LatinAmerica #Uprising


NASA tracking stadium-sized asteroid headed toward Earth

Asteriod 2020

NASA is keeping tabs on five asteroids heading toward Earth over the next few days, with one the size of a stadium. According to the agency’s asteroid watch, the largest of the five currently being tracked is 1,100 feet wide, roughly the size of a stadium.

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