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With Monuments Falling All Over Europe, We Asked Historians and Artists to Weigh in on How They Should Be Replaced

Uprising2020 UK 2

“If the community wants [monuments] to be removed, then they should be removed, but they should remain in public view, by creating museums for them, as a reminder so that we don’t make the same mistakes in the future,” Shonibare says.

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Second virus wave would derail Australian economy: OECD

Assuie COVID

“The recovery will not gain steam without more confidence, which will not fully recover without global cooperation. Confidence needs to be boosted both at the national and international levels.”

#australia #COVID19 #GreatDepression2020

Germany’s FM warns Israel against West Bank annexation plans

Germany West Bank

“Germany remains committed to the goal of a negotiated two-state solution. We will also talk about this, and I will underline that we are ready to support all initiatives to revive talks between Israelis and Palestinians.”

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Bizarre Nearby Star Offers Clues to Origins of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts


“I wouldn’t say it’s the nail in the coffin that we’ve figured out that fast radio bursts come from magnetars,” says Emily Petroff, an astronomer at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. “But it’s by far the most promising piece of evidence that we’ve found.”

#Science #theuniverse #Nature

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