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These essential workers face evictions and could become homeless during pandemic

LA Times Migrants

Nearly 80% of California’s workers without legal status are in jobs deemed essential, according to a UCLA study released Monday, and on average these laborers lost 25% of their wages between February and April — more than any other demographic of employees. Workers living in California illegally make up about 9% of the total workforce and had the highest rate of unemployment between February and May — nearly 30% — of any group in the study.


Beirut explosion: Lebanon’s government resigns as public anger mounts

Beirut 3

The government’s plans to investigate were not enough for many who have lost all faith in the political elite. Before the cabinet’s resignation, a number of ministers had already offered to step down.

But the end of this government does not necessarily mean an end to the anger. Last year’s protests led to the formation of the government which has now been forced to step down over the same accusations of corruption.

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New Zealand’s largest city goes back into lockdown as coronavirus cases grow globally


Residents of Auckland, a city of around 1.7 million people, were given very little time to prepare for the return to level 3 restrictions, requiring people to stay at home, work from home and, if possible, wear masks when going outside. All schools, public facilities, bars, restaurants and businesses were also shut.

#NewZealand #COVID19 #aukland


Black holes and burned out stars, scientist says end of universe will be ‘sad, lonely, cold’


“Galaxies will have dispersed, black holes will have evaporated, and the expansion of the universe will have pulled all remaining objects so far apart that none will ever see any of the others explode,” Caplan said. “It won’t even be physically possible for light to travel that far.”

#Science #TheUniverse #Physics

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