The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Anger in South Africa as disabled teen dies after police shooting

In recent months, the South African police have faced allegations of brutality during the enforcement of coronavirus restrictions

#SouthAfrica #blacklivesmatter #PoliceMurder

How should Europe respond now its American ally has turned hostile?

Europe will not curb the depredations of major global players until it becomes one itself. Europeans must stand together. What an utter tragedy that Britain chose this dangerous moment to fall apart.

#Europe #TrumpsAmerikkka #Russia

New Zealand mosque shooter sentenced to life without parole

“All extremists, they represent hate. but we are here today. We represent love, compassion, Muslim and non-Muslim people of faith and of no faith. That is us, New Zealanders, and we are very proud that we are Muslims in New Zealand and we’ll continue to serve this country, and no punishment again is going to bring our loved ones back.”

#newzealand #HateCrime #Hatred

This Is The Most Exciting Crisis in Cosmology

“That’s why cosmologists are so excited about this. Because cosmological theory works so well, we’re so excited when we find something that it failed to predict. Because when things break, that’s when you learn,” 

 #physics #cosmology

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