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Protests mount in Peru after president’s impeachment

The crisis comes as Peru deals with one of the worst cases of coronavirus in the world. More than one in every 1,000 Peruvians have died from the virus, one of the highest rates anywhere. The economy is expected to contract by 12 per cent this year, one of the deepest recessions in Latin America.

#COVID19 #PeruProtest #Uprising2020 #latinoamerica

Increasing hunger is an unspoken pandemic reality

Since the end of the virus is definitely not around the corner and because economic hardship is an ongoing fact of life for millions, shrinking the safety net now is a Marie Antoinette move. With food prices rising, a new coronavirus relief package should feature an across the board 15% increase in food stamp benefits. In the 21st century we need to make hunger un-American.

#ThisIsAmerica #Foodbank #hungerrelief

Zimbabweans mend shabby dollar notes amid economic crisis

The US dollar has dominated transactions in Zimbabwe since the country’s hyperinflation soared to more than 5 billion percent and forced the government to abandon the local currency in 2009.

#Zimbabwe #inflation #economy

Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa probably glows in the dark

Jupiter’s intense radiation environment likely lights up Europa’s icy shell, which overlies a huge, potentially habitable ocean of salty liquid water, researchers have found.

#Europa #Glow #Science #Nature

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