Letter from a Proud Boy

Dear Evolving Man Project,

My name is Jack Asserman. All my friends call me Jac. I’m a proud member of the Proud Boys. I want to thank this ‘race-baiting, I hate whitey’ website for giving a platform to one of the most marginalized groups in the United States, “the white man!” It’s completely okay for people like you and all the other ‘Social Justice Warriors” to blame us, white men, for everything wrong with ‘Merica! We Proud Boys are trained in the dark arts of krav maga. I’m proud to be white, and I love my white culture. Without us, there’d be no mayonnaise, Elvis, cardigan sweaters, or pumpkin spice!

Last week, my fellow brothers in arms, myself included, marched upon our great nation’s capital to renounce Joe Biden and Carmel Hairy for stealing the election from our Great White Dope, Donald J. Trump. He was cheated by all the libtards and cucks in the Democracy Party in league with the hippie liberal politicians like Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia. A true white patriot like Donald Trump should be president for life. If we lived in a ‘real’ Democracy, that would be true, and we’d get rid of those pesky elections.

He made us proud to be white! That great hero told us, Proud Boys, “stand back and stand by”! That’s why I was in D.C. defending our fearless leader Donald J. Trump. But we were viciously attacked by those Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs! That hurt our feelings. We were just vandalizing black churches and the BLM memorial. The wonderful D.C. police assisted us in rioting and destroying shit. #BlueLivesMatter! Now, I’m nursing my wounds back home in Wilmette, Ill.

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Now, this Evolving Man Project website is a race hustler’s wet dream! This is nothing but a bunch of reverse racist propaganda. And you probably call us Proud Boys racist. We Proud Boys, are not racist! We are just defending the most oppressed group in the United States of America, white people. We white people aren’t even included when you commie liberals say ‘people of color.’ Well, ding dong idiots, white is the absence of color! This is part of the ‘white genocide’ agenda. I know because I saw it on a YouTube documentary. We Proud Boys believe in ‘Peaceful Genocide’ so we can go back to what this country was before all those illegals aliens came and ruined our great nation. We don’t even want E.T. coming here! Go back your planet, you alien freeloader! We want this to be a nation for the white man by the white man!

We founded and built this nation from the ground up. Don’t tell me that it was the slaves that built the United States. It was the white man who created a jobs program for those Africans, feed them, and gave them civilization. Why, because we are a benevolent people. And those natives weren’t using this great land the right way, so we just took it to make money. We chopped down all those beautiful forests. Then poured concrete over everything and built strip malls, porn shops, and gas stations as far as the eye can see. Manifest Destiny, baby! At least we named sports teams to honor the Indians, and now the PC police are mad about that. We can’t even have Columbus Day anymore! That’s not fair! He founded America because he got lost!

We Proud Boys are not racist or homophobic like the ‘Cancel-Culture’ police would like you to believe. We have our biggest staunch supporter in the beautiful chocolate goddess, Candace Owens. One of the few honest blacks who don’t complain that racism holds her back. Look at Chicago. You all kill each other but get mad when a brave police officer is in fear for his life and shoots a black person five thousand times in the back, while they are handcuffed. That means the police are racist? No! But Candace and I agree, BLUELIVESMATTER! She’s always happy to stroke the ego of us fragile white dudes. I mean, manly men we are. We also have the support of the oh so handsome and dreamy Milo Yiannopolous. And finally, that angel Tila Tequila. I was one of her three million friends on Myspace in 2003. She’s a national treasure, and the PC police destroyed her career.

Now about the person who runs this Bernard-loving socialist website. You’re a race hustler, Lornett! That’s it pure and simple! Not like the good blacks like Ben Carson, or that hero Clarence Thomas. You’re a race hustler like Obummer! Or that ungrateful Kapernick who disrespected our flag and our troops fighting for Merica! We allowed him to play football, make millions, and have relations with white women! You’re just jealous because you have a website with two followers and only have five Twitter followers. Unlike the highly successful Kanye West, who is married to that beautiful white woman Kim K! Your site is dedicated to blaming white people for your people’s failures. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps you dipshit, like I did. My daddy left me a small inheritance of one million dollars. Doesn’t everyone have an inheritance? Why, because I worked hard at my grandfather’s small business, his investment banking firm, The Chicago Corporation.

Finally, about the man who stole the election, Joesph R. Biden. I used to like him when he wrote the Crime Bill to lock-up those dangerous thugs and keep our streets safe. Unlike Obummer’s city of Chicago! I heard most of the air in that city are bullets. He was friends with segregationists, and I liked that too. Plus, he hated busing blacks to good white schools. But then he sold his soul to Obummer and the PC radical leftist hippie commie Dixiecrats. Even made the woman who called him a racist his VP. What a sellout to the white race!

We Proud Boys will continue to promote stand back and stand by. I hope our great leader Donald J. Trump stays in the White House forever to protect good white people from the sinister Deep State and Krispy Kreme Donuts. Because we need to finish making America white again! I mean great! Thank you for letting me share the real truth on this website of hate!


Jack ASSerman


Don’t Tread on Me…

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