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What will Cuba’s new single currency mean for the island?

Colorful buildings in Havana, Cuba

That means the tourists who typically flock to the island nation’s beaches and city streets to hear Cuban music, enjoy a meal and experience its unique culture likely won’t return until widespread vaccination makes international travel more feasible.

Until then, Cubans are left to do what they have successfully done for decades — adapt to tough economic conditions and innovate where they can.

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South Africans swap firecrackers for candles amid pandemic

“Let us each light a candle in memory of those who have lost their lives, in tribute to those on the frontline who are working tirelessly to protect us from harm, in appreciation of the great sacrifices that have been made this past year, and in the confidence that the year ahead will bring health, peace and hope to our people,” an emotional Ramaphosa said in a televised address to the nation that he called a “family chat.”

#southafrica #NYE2021 #COVID19

Bosnia: Hundreds of migrants stuck at fire-gutted camp

About 900 migrants from South Asia and other regions are struggling in bitter cold temperatures at a burned-out camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina after being denied proper shelter.

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Yes, Super Gonorrhea Is Real and It’s Gonna Get Worse

Over the weekend, a particularly awful pair of words started trending on social media: super gonorrhea. That’s because the World Health Organization recently warned that the pandemic is helping fuel the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including the bacteria that cause gonorrhea. Unfortunately, the situation is only likely to get worse.

#Science #medicine #SuperBug #SexuallyTransmitInfections

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