The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Protesters Backing Trump Roll into Capital to Cheer Him on

President Donald Trump’s supporters have descended on the nation’s capital to cheer his baseless claims of election fraud ahead of a congressional vote to affirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

#trumpriots #trump2020 #thisisamerica

Thousands of Brazilians who won elections as Black candidates in 2020 previously ran for office as white

“Until yesterday, nobody wanted to be Black,” Lívia Zaruty, a Black social media personality, said in a widely viewed YouTube video, referencing Gramacho. “Now that there is a financial benefit, [people think] ‘Ah, I will recover my roots.’

#Brazil #Race #BlackLivesMatter

Citizens globally affirm belief in international cooperation

Unity, across generations, regions income groups, and levels of education, was one such striking result, Mr. Hochschild highlighted, explaining that opinions were united when it came to people’s hopes and fears for their future, and their expectations of international cooperation. 

#TheUnitedNations #COVID19

Extremely Boring Aliens

Eventually it might all just be a bit of a relief. We’ll neither be alone, nor surrounded by anything particularly extraordinary. Copernican mediocrity will be somewhat restored, and we can go back to worrying about everything else that can go wrong on our speck of rock and water as it sails through the cosmos.

#Aliens #TheUniverse #Nature

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