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Embrace MLK, Reject Barack Obama. Why Leftists Need to Challenge the Scourge of Black Neoliberalism

Now I am seeing a more troubling pattern emerge, Democrats are using these black corrupt leaders to shut down and stifle movements against the establishment. For example, Jim Clyburn, Jamie Harrison, Barack Obama, Raphael Warnock, and many other black leaders are the Democratic attack dogs used to attack grassroots activist movements like Defund the Police. 

#MLKDay2021 #BarackObama #blacklivesmatter

‘Beyond parody’: North Korea lashes Australia on human rights

“We reference the international human rights law and recommend that Australia follows it,” he said.

“First, Australia must end deep-rooted racism and treatment to ethnic minorities.

“Secondly, to cease inhumane treatment in detention centres.

“Third, to ensure the right for all to participate in elections.”

#NorthKorea #australia #politics #humanrights

Egypt Says It Has Launched Vaccinations Against Coronavirus

Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country with over 100 million people, has reported more than 161,140 confirmed cases, including 8,902 deaths. However, the actual numbers of COVID-19 cases, like elsewhere in the world, are thought to be far higher, in part due to limited testing.

#Egypt #China #COVID19 #Medicine

First life could have evolved on ancient islands

Tree Growth Three Steps In nature And beautiful morning lighting

That doesn’t mean that the hypothesis is correct, of course; but the new study reveals that warm-water ponds can’t be ruled out based on geology alone. Geochemists are working to figure out the constraints of life-friendly chemistry on land, Korenaga said. “It’s a very rich subject.” 

#Evolution #Science #life

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