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Iran and China sign 25-year cooperation agreement

As China and Iran are approaching 50 years of official diplomatic ties, an exhibition of diplomatic documents and achievements between the two countries was opened at the foreign ministry building in Tehran on Saturday.

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How the Seychelles is racing to become the world’s safest destination

After first closing its borders in March 2020, the Seychelles began a phased reopening in June with the intention of gradually relaxing restrictions for visitors from countries deemed as “low risk.”In February, the nation reopened its borders and dropped quarantine requirements for all travelers who were fully-vaccinated against Covid-19 provided they present a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of travel.

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UN commission pushes equality for women in decision-making

As such, the document recommends concrete actions to remedy the situation, such as changing laws that hinder women’s equal participation in public life; setting timelines for gender balance in government through measures such as quotas or appointments; and encouraging the nomination of as many women candidates as men.

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the first self-sufficient and sustainable city on mars could house one million humans

ABIBOO studio has led the architectural design of a self-sufficient and sustainable city on mars that could house one million humans. ‘nüwa’ forms part of an exhaustive scientific work for a competition organized by the mars society, and fully developed by the SONet network, an international team of scientists and academics led by astrophysicist guillem anglada, who headed the discovery of exoplanet proxima-b. considering the atmospheric conditions, ABIBOO chose the side of a cliff on mars to build a vertical city, with the design and construction systems a result of the planet’s harsh conditions. ‘if we were to construct the buildings as on earth, the buildings would tend to explode from the pressure,’ says says alfredo muñoz, founder of ABIBOO. ‘the solar and gamma radiation on mars forced us to build spaces that are not directly exposed to the sky.’

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