The Week in Stories Around the Globe

‘I’m trapped here’: Haitian asylum seekers languish in Mexico

In March alone, US immigration authorities apprehended more than 172,000 people attempting to cross from Mexico, while a bottleneck of migrants and asylum seekers from dozens of countries continues to balloon in border cities like Tijuana. An estimated 4,000 Haitian migrants currently live in Tijuana, according to local activists and media reports.

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Massive Blaze in ICU of Coronavirus Ward in Iraq Kills 82

Most of those killed suffered severe burns, he said. Others were overcome by smoke inhalation, unwilling to leave behind their coronavirus-afflicted relatives hooked up to ventilators. Ahmed said these patients could not be moved. “They would have minutes to live without oxygen.”

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Black ballet dancer wins payout in Berlin racism row

Lopes Gomes, who has also performed with the Opera de Nice in France and Switzerland’s Ballet Bejart, told AFP in January she had been subjected to continual “harassment” by the company’s ballet mistress.

#Germany #Racism #Ballet #blacklivesmatter

Anglerfish are stranger than science fiction

Angler fish on background of dark blue water realistic illustration art. Scary deep-sea fish predator In the depths of the ocean. Place for text.

Climate change is a threat too, Gerringer said, by increasing ocean stratification. This means that water isn’t mixing from the surface down into the deep ocean as much as it used to, so less oxygen is making its way down to the depths. Ultimately, though, anglerfish are still so mysterious that for many, “we just don’t know” how humans might affect them, Gerringer said — or even what their baselines are.

#Science #TheOcean #anglerfish #climatechange

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