The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Colombia protests continue after government withdraws tax reform

A protester stokes a fire during a protest against the tax reform of President Ivan Duque’s government in Bogota, Colombia, May 1, 2021. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

“I think that’s going to give us a lot of indications of whether or not the government is listening to the people out on the street, because if it chooses somebody from inside the current party, it’s suggesting that they think they can handle this crisis on their own.”

#colombia #Protest #Uprising

German Gymnasts Cover Their Legs In Stand Against Sexualization

They wore full-body unitards; most women typically wear leotards that show the entire leg. Male gymnasts, however, usually wear either slightly loose shorts or full-length leg coverings.

#gymnastics #germany #sexism

International Weaponized Immigrants’ Day

Since it’s International Workers’ Day, I’m gonna take it easy and let the CIA do the work. Here they are helping prove my weaponized immigrant thesis for me — with a big dose of imperial intersectionalist-washing thrown in at our expense.

#CIA #woke #Latina

Earth Is Using 173% of The World’s Total ‘Biocapacity’, Scientists Warn

Flying over the earth’s surface, 3D rendering. Elements Of This Video Furnished By Nasa.

“This paper strengthens the case that biological resource security is a far more influential factor contributing to lasting development success than most economic development theories and practices would suggest,” the authors conclude, “and shows how unevenly it affects distinct human populations.”

Clearly, we are spending more than humanity or our planet can afford.

#Earth #Resources #Science #humanity

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