The Week in Stories Around the Globe

A trans woman went out drinking with friends. They violently beat her to death before dismembering her

Loved ones described Rondón as a quiet but charismatic person who traded vegetables for food in the Santa Cruz del Este neighbourhood of the Baruta municipality.

#venezuela #lgbtqpride #humanrights

Former president Karzai says US failed in Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – AUGUST 13: Afghan president Hamid Karzai speaks at an election campaign rally for women teachers on August 13, 2009 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The incumbent president Karzai is considered to be the frontrunner despite claims of corruption and what many consider an ineffectual government. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

“I think we should defend our own country and look after our own lives. … Their presence (has given us) what we have now. … We don’t want to continue with this misery and indignity that we are facing. It is better for Afghanistan that they leave.”

#Afghanistan #WarOnTerror #thisisamerica

The Roots of Today’s White Collar Union Wave Are Deeper Than You Think

“One thing I’m noticing is that the anti-union campaigns [now] seem less effective. And there’s been more exposure. No one had ever heard of an anti-union campaign. It was like a secret that bosses did this. And now it’s out there. Everybody knows about Walmart, or Amazon or Delta. The fact that there was actual press on that stuff is amazing to me!”

#UnionStrong #whitecollar #solidarity

Cosmic filaments may be the biggest spinning objects in space

So the discovery that filaments spin — at a scale that makes galaxies look like specks of dust — presents a puzzle. “We don’t have a full theory of how every galaxy comes to rotate, or every filament comes to rotate,” says Mark Neyrinck, cosmologist at University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain.

#Science #Cosmic #Nature #TheUniverse

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