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Violence in South Africa: an uprising of elites, not of the people

The violence wreaked its damage because South Africa’s journey to democracy remains incomplete. It sends a sharp message that the country must look its past far more squarely in the eye and find ways to change it before it can be confident about avoiding more of what happened in KwaZulu-Natal.

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Biden says US combat mission in Iraq to conclude by year end

President Joe Biden said Monday the U.S. combat mission in Iraq will conclude by the end of the year, an announcement that reflects the reality on the ground more than a major shift in U.S. policy.

Even before Biden took office, the main U.S. focus has been assisting Iraqi forces, not fighting on their behalf. And Biden did not say if he planned to reduce the number of troops in Iraq, now about 2,500.

#theunitedstates #Iraq #waronterror #middleeast

Extreme weather is sweeping the world, with devastating floods and wildfires on 3 continents at once

China and Western Europe were both hit by devastating floods in the past week, with a death toll beyond 100. In wooded eareas of Canada, the US, and Russia, vast swathes of land are ablaze.

#ClimateChange #China #Europe #Canada

Your brain has limits. Here are some simple ways to extend your mind, according to science

When we intentionally cultivate the capacity to think outside the brain, a new world of possibility opens up; we gain access to reserves of intuition, memory, attention, and motivation that are not available to the naked brain. In order to think the intelligent, informed, original thoughts we’re capable of, we can’t rely on the brain alone. We have to think outside the brain.

#Science #TheMind #TheBrain #Books

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