The Week in Stories Around the Globe

These Photos Show The Devastation Caused By The Haiti Earthquake

The disaster was the latest crisis to hit the Caribbean island nation, which is still reeling from the assassination of its president, the coronavirus pandemic, and a wave of gang violence. Saturday’s temblor came as the country’s vaccination campaign was just getting underway.

#Haiti #earthquake #carribean

Afghanistan Meant Nothing

Kabul, Afghanistan – May 6, 2013: A U.S. Soldier speaks to a group of Afghan National Army (ANA) Soldiers, prior to starting a class on the MSFV

I remember Afghanistan as a dusty beige nightmare of a place full of proud, brave people who did not fucking want us there. We called them Hajjis and worse and they were better than we were, braver and stronger and smarter.

#Afghanistan #VeteransForPeace #WarOnTerror

Why Nobody’s Ever Going to Do Anything About the Planet Dying

You can see a certain drama already playing out on the heels of the new IPCC report — the one that says we’re running out of time to save the planet (don’t they all?) That drama goes like this: rich, developed countries preen and make noble proclamations, and then turn around and say: “Hey! China! You’re the world’s largest carbon emitter! It’s your fault!”

But is it? Whose fault is it really?

#Climatechange #China #unitedstates #climatecrisis

NASA Just Broke the ‘Venus Curse’: Here’s What It Took

The Venusians, on the other hand, found themselves getting used to their new status as triumphant victors. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the next decade will now belong to the second planet. At last, Ghail says, “there’s a recognition that we need to do at Venus what we’ve done at Mars.”

#Venus #Science #Space

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