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Taliban says female students can study in gender-segregated universities

Female students in Afghanistan can continue with their university studies, but classes must now be segregated and head coverings are mandatory, the Taliban announced Sunday.

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50 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

The list below shows the percentage of each country’s population that’s been vaccinated, based on data from Johns Hopkins University. We’ve also included each country’s population numbers for perspective, though the best vaccination rates in the world aren’t necessarily dominated by small countries anymore. China, for example, has vaccinated over 69% of its population of 1.4 billion people, well above the U.S., which has a population of just 328 million people.

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Why The World Should Be More Than A Bit Worried About India’s Nipah Virus Outbreak

Nonetheless, Nipah remains a concern, not just in India but for the entire planet. The World Health Organization classifies it as a “virus of concern” for future epidemics because “each year it spills over from its animal reservoir into humans,” says Dr. Stephen Luby, a professor of infectious disease at Stanford University. And when humans are infected, it can be transmitted from person to person.

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We could radically extend the human lifespan. Here’s why we shouldn’t

If we were going to be fair about it, our first aim should be to increase life expectancy in Africa and the rest of the less-developed parts of the world, and ensure that a longer life doesn’t come at the expense of healthy, happy life, right up to the end.

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