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US Border Agents Are Removing Haitian Migrants Using Horses and Whips

This is why your country’s shit, because you use your women for this,” one officer on horseback shouted at a group of Haitian women who were crossing the Rio Grande with bags of food, showed one report by Al Jazeera.

#Haiti #borderpatrol #JoeBidensAmerica

Five years on: Revisiting Rio 2016 Olympics’ unkept promises

She arrived at the favela in 1991 and raised her four children there. The acupuncturist recalls that when she found out about Rio de Janeiro being the Olympics host, she was hopeful the event would provide an opportunity to improve the quality of public spaces, but it had never crossed her mind she would be so negatively affected.

#Rio #Olympics #Brazil #SouthAmerica

Afghanistan Is Not The White Woman’s Burden

First it was fighting terrorism, then it was spreading democracy, and now it’s somehow feminism. Whatever gets taxpayers to open their wallets for the endless, bloody grift. Now they’re using women’s rights to sell war the same way Philip Morris used women’s rights to sell Virginia Slims.”You’ve come along way baby.” Now smoke on a Hellfire Missile and die.

#WhiteWomen #Feminism #Afghanistan #WarOnTerror

Scientists Say They Could Bring Back Woolly Mammoths. But Maybe They Shouldn’t

The traditional scientific view is that our ancestors hunted the mammoth to extinction, while more recent theories point to habitat destruction at the end of the last ice age as the biggest factor, but with humans still copping part of the blame.

#WhollyMammoth #Science #jurassicpark

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