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‘Overwhelmed by old challenges’, Caribbean leaders say COVID-19 has forced a new battle for the survival of their nations

Caribbean island nations are under assault from the coronavirus pandemic even as they try to protect their communities from rising seas and raging storms, regional leaders said Saturday at the UN, where they called for bold action to tackle climate change and shore up public health systems.

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Angola’s president left emotional after tour of national African American history museum

Angola’s President João Lourenço toured the nation’s premiere museum of African American history on Monday, calling its exhibit on slavery and the Middle Passage “profoundly emotional.’’

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Mongolia’s Melting Ice Reveals Fragile Prehistoric Artifacts

As soaring heat exposes artifacts that provide insights into ancient climate resilience and other important scientific data, the ice loss itself is reducing humanity’s resilience for the years ahead.

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Is Humanity Doomed? Science Says We Are In Middle Of A ‘Mass Extinction Event’

By the year 2100, with increasing temperatures, more blooms are expected to grow in our freshwater bodies. By that point, the mass extinction event would be peaking, signs of which have started to appear now.

What does this terrifying news mean for you? Let us know in the comments below. As always, keep reading for your daily dose of all things science and technology.  

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