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Facebook, WhatsApp outage an annoyance for U.S., but a big deal in rest of the world

The unprecedented outage came as Facebook is facing a growing barrage of issues, including damaging revelations from an ex-employee who accused the company of “choosing profit over public safety.”

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Malaria vaccine a ‘breakthrough for science’, WHO chief says

“This long-awaited malaria vaccine is a breakthrough for science. This is a vaccine developed in Africa by African scientists and we’re very proud,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

#Malaria #Africa #Vaccines

Environmentalists Must Pressure the Indian Government To Take Action on Climate

Instead of the feel-good token gestures that exacerbate the climate crisis, Indian activists need to frame environmental inequities in ways that pressure governments to institute effective policies and programmes. This is only possible by leveraging public opinion and avoiding a system where individual responsibility is seen as having more environmental impact than the state taking ownership of the problem.

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A volcano-induced rainy period made Earth’s climate dinosaur-friendly

The climate changes marked a tipping point for life that couldn’t adjust, and those groups went extinct. Animals like dinosaurs and plants like cycads, says Ruffell, were “waiting in the wings” to seize their opportunity. A similar cycle of volcanic activity and environmental change starting about 184 million years ago may have paved the way for the biggest of all dinos, long-necked sauropods, to lumber into dominance

#dinosaur #climatechange #Science

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