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The most vaccinated countries on Earth

northern lights appear over Mount Kirkjufell with kirkjufellfoss waterfall in Iceland.

Iceland is ranked seventh, with 77 per cent of the population fully vaccinated. Another 15 percent have had a booster shot.


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The US Is Officially A Banana Republic: The Top 1% Now Own More Wealth Than The Entire Middle Class

Alas, since November 2019 it has only gotten worse… much worse because as a result of the unprecedented wealth redistribution unleashed by the covid pandemic, America’s has truly cemented its banana republic status as the wealth of the top 1% exploded as a direct result of the Fed pumping trillions into the stock market and levitating asset values, while the lower and middle classes stagnated.

#BananaRepublic #thisisamerica #capitalism #economics

The Femicide Case That’s Captivated Pakistan

This is not a good sign, but bringing the wealthy and powerful to task has never been easy anywhere. When it does begin, Pakistan’s women will be watching and waiting to see if the system will work, if there will be justice for Noor Mukadam and thus hope for them.

#NoorMukadam #Pakistan #femicideawareness #sexism

Enjoy It While You Can: Dropping Oxygen Will Eventually Suffocate Most Life on Earth

“The atmosphere after the great deoxygenation is characterized by an elevated methane, low-levels of CO2, and no ozone layer,” said Ozaki. “The Earth system will probably be a world of anaerobic life forms.”

#Earth #Science #geology


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