Harmony Project, Ep. 3: Rock and a Hard Place

Harmony Project, Ep. 3: Rock and a Hard Place

Faders and Alphas Stories
By Berneta L. Haynes & Lornett B. Vestal

The gray sky threatened early evening showers, a welcome relief from the unusual heat wave that had rolled in days ago. Sitting in his living room, Mauricio stared at the houses across the street. Their narrow little neighborhood street in the Chiswick area of suburban London still felt claustrophobic to him. He missed the wide open space they’d had in their family home in Calgary, Canada before SPI had disrupted his life. Even his small childhood home in Tampa felt less closed in than this place. He knew he was lucky to have his family back together after everything, after years of thinking he’d never see them again. He knew he shouldn’t complain. He should be grateful. Yet he hated this city.

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