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COVID-19 has killed 5 million people—and the pandemic is far from over

Global mortality data show that the Americas and Europe have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Peru has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world with 615 deaths per 100,000 people. Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Hungary have the next highest death rates, each with more than 300 deaths per 100,000 people.

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Somalia gives African Union envoy seven days to leave country

In a statement on Thursday, Somalia’s foreign ministry said Simon Mulongo, the AUC’s deputy special representative in Mogadishu, was no longer welcome in the country due to his engagement “in activities [that are] incompatible with AMISOM’s (African Union Mission in Somalia) mandate and Somalia’s security strategy,”

#Africa #Somalia #military

Britain can’t decide whether it should send its looted treasures back to their rightful owners

The decision on whether it does might hand a small symbolic victory to one side in the culture war over Britain’s colonial past. The question is, to which side will this institution, which holds so much cultural clout, give its seal of approval as the UK attempts to address its complicated, controversial history in an era of such division and anger.

#unitedkingdom #Imperialism #blacklivesmatter #Racism

Should we dim the sun? Why we need to talk about solar geoengineering

Nature is the best geoengineer, and volcanic eruptions are their own form of solar radiation management. During an eruption, plumes of smoke filled with sulfates can dim the sun. The Pinatubo eruption, the second largest in the 20th century, dropped planetary temperatures by half a degree in 1991.

#Geoengineering #Science #climatechange

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