Harmony Project, Ep. 8: A Second Chance

Harmony Project, Ep. 8: A Second Chance

Faders and Alphas Stories
By Berneta L. Haynes & Lornett B. Vestal

Mauricio sat at a table near where he’d spoken to AJ days ago. He saw her still sitting there. Her lively face, the Goku tattoo on her left bicep, the stunned look in her eyes when she noticed him. He tried to convince himself she would be fine. Eve hadn’t sent him any updates in the last hour, so that probably meant nothing worse had happened.

            But he also knew that even if she lived, she wouldn’t be fine. How could she…? He’d hurt her again. After all, would any of this have happened if that kid had never taken H2F?

            The phone vibrated on the table, and he looked at the locked home screen. Taking a deep breath, he opened the message from Eve. “She’s out of ICU.

Read the final episode here…

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