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In Iraq, Christmas is becoming many Muslims’ favorite new holiday

Christmas has been classified as a holiday in Iraq since 2018, but that designation was up for annual renewal. Now it’s permanent. This is relatively unusual in the Middle East. While they may celebrate Christmas in some way, only four other nations out of 20 in Iraq’s vicinity — Sudan, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon — recognize Christmas officially. All of those countries boast a higher percentage of Christians than Iraq.

Yet, despite the fact that Christmas is growing in popularity, Iraq’s Christians remain an endangered minority.

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‘It Was Entirely Avoidable’: Rich Countries Blamed as New Covid Variant Sparks Global Alarm

“For more than a year, South Africa, Botswana, and most countries have been calling for world leaders to waive intellectual property on coronavirus vaccines, tests, and treatments so they can produce their own jabs,” Bierley noted. “It’s a vital measure that will be discussed at next week’s World Trade Organization conference. But, so far, the U.K. and E.U. have recklessly blocked it from making progress.”

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Emperor Akihito turns 88, becomes longest-living Japanese monarch

Japanese Emperor Emeritus Akihito turned 88 years old on Thursday and became the oldest living emperor in Japan’s history — even besting his father by a year.

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Heartbreaking photo of dead giraffes in Kenya show effects of a year-long drought

The images show six dead giraffes, their emaciated bodies intertwined, at the Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in Northeastern Kenya. They died due to malnutrition caused by a lack of vegetative growth and water due to the drought. 

#Kenya #Drought #ClimateChange #nature

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