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Afghans arrive at Croatian border amid violence, freezing weather

Bamyian city, Bamyian Province, Afghanistan – November 14, 2010: Four Afghan women in blue and black burqa walking on dirt path in barren land

As people like Ali approach, however, rights workers say the facilities and oversight have not kept pace. There aren’t enough beds to temporarily house asylum seekers, they warn. And migrants testify that they are being turned away — perhaps illegally — in an increasingly violent manner. 

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U.S. Became ‘Arrogant’ After Soviet Union Collapsed, Gorbachev Says 30 Years After He Resigned

“In such a position, how can you expect equal relations with the United States, with the West?” Gorbachev said. “That’s the first thing. Secondly, and no less important, is the triumphal mood in the West, especially in the U.S. Arrogance and self-confidence went to their heads.”

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Save the Children confirms staff killed in Myanmar massacre

“It is with profound sadness that we are confirming today that two members of Save the Children’s staff were among at least 35 people … who were killed on Friday 24th December in an attack by the Myanmar military in Kayah State, in the east of the country,” the UK-based organisation said in a statement on Tuesday, adding both employees were new fathers.

#Myanmar #SaveTheChildren #War #Conflict

Why are the Sun, the planets and their moons all spherical in shape?

This means that if you walked around the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole and back, you’d travel about 39,931 kilometres. But if you walked around the equator, you’d travel 40,070 kilometres – pretty close to a perfect sphere, but not quite. Saturn is the bulgiest of all the planets, being more than 10% thicker around the equator than around the poles.

#Space #Planets #solarsystem #Science

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