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Earth’s final frontier: China and the deep-sea gold rush set to cause environmental catastrophe

For Yasuhara, given the unprecedented levels of ocean warming and the increased acidification of the sea, combined with ignorance of the destructive impact of deep-sea mining, this is the least appropriate moment to be embarking on large-scale destructive processes on an unknown and pristine environment. He emphasises that the deep ocean constitutes more than 90 per cent of the biosphere and plays a key role in climate regulation.

#China #deepseamining #climatechange

Brazil’s Bolsonaro in hospital with intestinal blockage

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has been rushed to hospital with an intestinal blockage after feeling unwell while on vacation. The president posted a photo from his hospital bed on Twitter, saying doctors had inserted a nasogastric tube and were evaluating potential surgery. Doctors said his condition was stable.

#Brazil #Bolsonaro #Health #Politics

Dutch police disperse thousands protesting in Amsterdam against Covid lockdown

The protesters, who mostly did not wear masks or abide by social distancing rules, ignored an order not to hold a march and walked along a main thoroughfare, playing music and holding yellow umbrellas in a sign of opposition to government measures.

#Dutch #netherlands #Protest #Riots

A new, low-cost Texas Children’s Hospital vaccine gets approval for use in India

A COVID-19 vaccine created at the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development in Houston has received emergency use authorization in India, after nearly 10 years of research and funding obstacles in 2020.

#COVID19 #Texas #Vaccines #Science

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