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Argentina’s COVID Miracle

San Martin Square and Cordoba Cathedral – Cordoba, Argentina

Unlike the United States, which could spend one-quarter of its GDP protecting its economy from the COVID-19 fallout, Argentina entered the pandemic with the deck stacked against it. Yet, thanks to the current government’s policies to strengthen the real economy, the country has been enjoying a remarkable recovery.

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Covid: Half of Europe to be infected with Omicron within weeks – WHO

On Monday, the UK reported a further 142,224 confirmed cases of the virus and 77 deaths. A number of hospitals have declared “critical” incidents due to staff absences and rising pressures caused by Covid.

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Cyprus reportedly discovers a COVID-19 variant that combines omicron and delta

Kyrenia (Girne) is a city on the north coast of Cyprus, known for its cobblestoned old town and horseshoe-shaped harbor.

The deltacron variant comes as omicron continues its rapid spread across the globe, causing a surge in COVID-19 cases. The United States is reporting a seven-day average of more than 600,000 new cases daily, according to a CNBC analysis Friday of data from Johns Hopkins University. That’s a 72 per cent increase from the previous week and a pandemic record.

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Astronomers Have Found Another Possible ‘Exomoon’ beyond Our Solar System

Kepler-1708 b-i is not such a world, but it is another exciting front-runner at the start of what might become an eventual era of exomoon science. “We’re on this long-term goal to try and figure out the frequency and nature of extrasolar moons in the universe,” Kipping says. “The future’s very bright.”

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