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Siberian tigers are being hunted at night for their body parts

Sumatran tiger in UK.

To investigate the status of Amur tigers in Russia, Skidmore made two trips to Primorye, in 2019 and 2020, totaling five months. She interviewed more than a hundred hunters and 12 buyers of tiger parts. The talks ranged from 30-minute chats to “multiple-day informal conversations” conducted while ice fishing, hunting, drinking, or going through photo albums, she says. Often, poachers introduced her to other poachers or buyers of tiger parts.

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Biden says a Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘would change the world’

Biden’s remarks reflect a growing consensus among experts that any conflict in Ukraine is unlikely to be confined to a small area or a short window of time, and that its effects will ripple through Europe and beyond.

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Victory in court for indigenous women raped during Guatemala’s civil war

“Sexual violence was part of the war,” the three-judge tribunal affirmed in its verdict on Monday, noting sexual violence was generalised and systemic against Achi women, who were also subjected to domestic slavery.

#guatemala #violence #War #Sexism

Into the Deep: Photos of Incredible Creatures from the Ocean’s Depths

From football-sized giant isopods to transparent jellies that glow, the deep sea is brimming with life. In a collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), the Monterey Bay Aquarium has provided a look at a few of the more interesting creatures that call the dark depth of the ocean home.

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