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Sanctions on Russia are shaking the World, Including the West Which Imposed Them

The West shot Russia and hit its own feet: European officials wish to see the end of the war in Ukraine soon. However, the whole world fears this war with its economic and military repercussions and hopes that it will end finally on the borders of Ukraine. However, President Putin has determined to savage Ukraine into submission, regardless of the consequences. The Russian President is not expected to pull back unless Ukraine first signs the required agreement. Official international talks with the West must include Moscow’s fear of NATO’s expansion and clarification of its future intentions toward Russia.

#Sanctions #Russia #Ukraine #War

South Sudan: Dozens killed in clashes at Abyei, a disputed border area with Sudan

Dozens of people have been killed in an outbreak of inter-communal violence in a disputed oil region in South Sudan, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and a local official said Wednesday.

#Africa #Sudan #War #Violence

Future outbreaks of COVID-19 could happen soon, experts warn

“Sadly, every prediction I’ve made has pretty much come true,” he said. “I hope I’m wrong this time, but I think by March, April, May, we will have a fully vaccine-resistant variant. There’s simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination around the world with the virus ping-ponging between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I’m an immunologist. The probability of us seeing a vaccine-resistant strain is very high.”

#COVID19 #Health #pandemic

We Aren’t Sure If (Or When) Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass the Human Mind

“This remarkable technology has the potential to help everybody live healthy, wealthy lives so humanity can flourish like never before,” says Tegmark, who is also the founder of the Future of Life Institute, an organization that aims to ensure these positive outcomes. Yet, he adds, it “might wipe out humanity if its goals aren’t aligned with ours.” Or as Bostrom put it in Superintelligence, when it comes to confronting an intelligence explosion, “We humans are like small children playing with a bomb.” 

#Science #artificialintelligence #technology

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