Reflections on the Empire: Part 1 

World War III?

In February 2022, the fever pitch of calls for war arose in the mainstream press. Russia invaded the nation of Ukraine. Most Americans didn’t think much about Ukraine before this year, despite the fact, the U.S. sponsored two coups in that country in 2014. It enforced policies that led that nation to become the poorest country in Europe. U.S-backed right-wing militias and fascist political leaders in Ukraine, no different than our Latin American foreign policy over the last 70 years. 

The corporate media has promoted propaganda that nuclear warfare isn’t that bad and that Putin is the new Hitler. The U.S told refugees from Haiti and Latin America don’t come last year. It’s been complete 180 for white Ukrainian refugees who have been embraced by the U.S and its Western allies with arms wide open. All refugees no matter their country of origin deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding.

The reality is that Ukraine has become another sacrifice zone, and it’s been one since 2014. A proxy war with the U.S political rival Russia is the latest front to continue spending of countless billions on the U.S. war machine. The same nation that’s been demonized since the glory days of the Cold War and reimagined for a new era in the wake of Russagate.  

BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 17: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at Belfast International Airport on June 17, 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The two-day G8 summit, hosted by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, is being held in Northern Ireland for the first time. Leaders from the G8 nations have gathered to discuss numerous topics with the situation in Syria expected to dominate the talks. (Photo by Peter Muhly – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

I am no Putin fan, and I have don’t have any love for Russian oligarchs. #EatTheRich. But the West created this problem long before 2022. Once again, the everyday people of Russia, Ukraine, and the U.S will be the ones to lose the most. All while the elites of those respective nations play political board games. And we the people are the pawns. If this situation escalates to full-on World War III with a nuclear exchange between world powers, the whole world will lose.  

In the U.S., the defense industry will laugh all the way to the bank with its blood soaked money. But the U.S has been at war 225 out of 243 years of its existence as the nation-state. The tide is changing, and the U.S. Empire is on the decline. The United State doesn’t like to refer to itself as an Empire, but that’s what the fuck is, an empire. But will this U.S. empire go out in a whimper, or will it go out with a bang? (an atomic one at that) Only time will tell. The U.S continuously chooses to wage war versus peace. Ukraine is just the latest nation caught in the crosshairs of the U.S empire. In all honesty, U.S. politicians don’t care about the everyday people of Ukraine, no more than they care about homeless people sleeping under city bridges here in the U.S. 

Protecting the lives of the innocent would be deescalating this war in Ukraine, but we’ve invited liberal’s newest media hero, President Zelensky to speak to Congress. He requested a no-fly zone policy implemented for his nation. Versus food and peace talks for his people. A no-fly zone would no doubt lead to war. Why? Because it’s the same game, it’s been since the last World War ended. War is big business. No matter how many innocent lives are lost, cities leveled and natural environments devastated. For the Empire Babies of the U.S. This newest war won’t raise wages, fix crumbling infrastructure, lower gas prices, create affordable housing, or make gas cheaper. But the average U.S. citizen will claim it’s making us safe from the newest “red menace”. Apparently, it’s the same red menace that convinced a bunch of U.S Citizens to vote for the Orange idiot Donald Trump via Facebook memes. Damn, Putin is a true supervillain.

In my humble opinion, things are gonna get a lot worse. And I’m quoting the “Harm Reduction” President. Sanctions will only hurt the everyday people of Russia, not Putin or the Russian oligarchs. Higher gas and food prices won’t hurt the American oligarchs like Bezos, Bloomberg, the Vanderbilts, or Gates either. No, it will hurt the average person in this country, including my family members just trying to make a living and take care of themselves. But I know the media is good at getting the average Joe to beat the drums of war. Only this time the war drums could end in nuclear winter.

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