Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 4: Garden of Eden

Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 4: Garden of Eden

Faders and Alphas Stories
By Berneta L. Haynes & Lornett B. Vestal

Valerie followed Bom, who escorted them around the mansion and stopped at a greenhouse. The massive greenhouse extended into an outdoor garden. A dozen people—all dressed in white robes like Bom—were on their hands and knees tending to vegetables, while others were seated on four benches scattered about the room. Valerie looked at one man, and he responded with a smile that didn’t extend to his eyes.

            Disconcerted, she turned to Grayson and grabbed his arm. As she pulled him aside, she spoke in a low voice. “Grayson, do you think it’s a little odd that everyone here is wearing white and looking like a bunch of lost flower children?”

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