The Week in Stories Around the Globe

5 Mexican Dog Breeds

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we compiled a list of Mexico’s five native dog breeds and interesting facts about each. Four of the five breeds start with the letter “C” and the other one is a tongue-twister.

#Mexico #Dogs #cincodemayo

Search for survivors of China building collapse ends, 53 confirmed dead

The search for survivors of a building collapse in Changsha, central China has ended, with state media reporting that 53 people had been killed.

#China #infrustructure #tragedy

Countries ranked by freedom of press

Since 2002, Reporters Without Borders has released its annual World Press Freedom Index. The index assesses and ranks 180 countries and regions according to the degree of freedom available to journalists.

#FreePress #journalism #International #politics

Do trees exist (scientifically speaking)?

If you look at an evolutionary diagram, you can see where Homo sapiens branched off from other primates. You can see where apples branched off from the rest of the rose family. But you won’t see where trees branched off from other plants. That’s because they never did.

 #trees #nature #Science

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