Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 5: Guests of Honor

Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 5: Guests of Honor

Faders and Alphas Stories
By Berneta L. Haynes & Lornett B. Vestal

In a large dining hall, Valerie sat at the head of a long table with Grayson and Mia. Like the rest of the extravagant mansion, everything in the dining room was white—the tablecloth with shimmering silk embroidery, the curtains, the dinnerware, and the robes of the forty or so people in the room. Bom referred to all the residents as “family members.”

            Valerie observed Grayson and Mia. As she watched him rub Mia’s hand, she thought about her husband. She missed Kendrick’s touch, how he’d run his finger along her hand whenever they sat at the dinner table. What were her children doing right now? Aya was probably reading a book, while Malik might be running through the house as usual. She longed for the day she arrived in the Coalition West so that she could send for them.

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