Co-Writing a Duology: Berneta and Lornett Talk Faders and Alphas

As some of you know, I recently ventured into co-writing with my spouse. Coming to retailers on June 1, 2021, Aya and the Alphas will be the final novel in the Faders and Alphas two-part series or duology. We sat down to discuss our journey into the strange world of co-writing a duology and the process of closing the story.

Berneta: You once told me you never expected to become a writer. How does it feel to be sitting down to do an author interview about your second novel?

Lornett:  Honestly, it feels a bit weird. I never thought much about writing fiction. History, philosophy, social and hard science, and non-fiction are my usual reads nowadays. But when I was a nerdy teenager, horror, sci-fi, and supernatural thrillers were my jam. I used to read John Saul, Dean Kootz, and Stephen King. But I never thought I would have my own sci-fi/fantasy book, let alone a series, one day. It’s pretty cool.

I know you’ve always dreamed of being a writer, Berneta. How does it feel to be living that dream?

Berneta: I’m trying not to psyche myself out, but it feels surreal to see three of my own books on my bookshelf. I put so much into each of them, and now I’m focused on writing more and better understanding my writing process.

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