Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 9: Sacrifice

Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 9: Sacrifice

Faders and Alphas Stories
By Berneta L. Haynes & Lornett B. Vestal

As Valerie rushed to Sage’s quarters, she wondered why it was quiet. Where were all the family members? She checked a couple of rooms and found them empty. The dining hall was as empty as when she’d left it earlier.

            Then she heard voices coming from outside. Chanting. The haunting sound sent a chill through her. Valerie, you need to turn the hell around and get the fuck out of here. Just go get Grayson and leave now.

            But Mia was missing, she reminded herself. And Grayson’s about to have a nervous breakdown. I have to find out where Mia is and if she’s okay. 

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