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Uvalde Police Didn’t Move to Save Lives Because That’s Not What Police Do

THOSE OF US who have been calling for the defunding of police departments — indeed for police abolition in favor of real, collective public safety practices — have been treated by Democratic and Republican leaders and commentators alike as fanatical

#massshooting #DefundThePolice #Texas

Colombia presidential election: Leftist Petro and populist Hernandez headed for run-off

The early vote count in Sunday’s six-way presidential election in Colombia pointed toward a run-off in June, with leftist former rebel Gustavo Petro leading in a ballot held amid growing discontent over increasing inequality and inflation.

 #Columbia #President

‘Swedengate’ trends after woman claims Swedes have racist name for chocolate balls

Colorful houses on Stortorget square in Old town, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish author, lecturer and social activist Lovette Jallow posted some of her thoughts on the Scandinavian country after having been born in the Gambia but brought up in Sweden from the age of 11. In her Twitter thread, Jallow claimed it’s the cultural norm for people not to feed their children’s friends when they come over, and coming from the Gambia, it was a culture shock.

#swedengate #Sweden #Racism #TWITTER

These 13 Images Depict the Most Realistic CGI Dinosaurs Ever

Earlier this week, Gizmodo spoke to Darren Naish, a paleozoologist who worked as the show’s chief scientific consultant, and Tim Walker, the series’ producer and showrunner, to discuss how Prehistoric Planet took shape. Now, you can see some of the amazing shapes of Prehistoric Planet, in the form of 18 shots of computer-generated, anatomically accurate dinosaurs.

#dinosaur #Science #AppleTVPlus

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