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Record-breaking heat wave sprawls across US

Triple-digit temperatures, while not unusual in the U.S. Southwest, are arriving earlier and more often in the summer season due to climate change. Worse, above-average temperatures are sticking around through the night — another consequence, climate studies show, of planetary warming. In the areas where officials issued excessive heat warnings this weekend, nighttime temperatures stayed above 75 degrees, which means people did not get a break from the heat during the night. 

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The Oldest Cookbooks From Libraries Around the World

Cookbooks were once intended mainly for upper-class households. Only relatively recently did printing and educational advances make them more democratic. Today’s versions tend to hold well-lit photographs and elegant prose. But humanity has long turned to cookbooks for inspiration and entertainment, and whether sauce-stained or Gothic-lettered, cookbooks offer glimpses of humanity’s food history. Here is a collection of some of the oldest cookbooks from libraries around the world.

#cookbook #history #cooking #culinary

EU signs gas deal with Israel, Egypt in bid to ditch Russia

Last year, the EU imported roughly 40 percent of its gas from Russia. Countries have been struggling to reduce that dependency in order to sanction Russia over its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

#Russia #Israel #EuropeanUnion #gasprices

Does the infinite exist?

The conclusion may be disappointing, but it is also extraordinary. The universe may be spatially infinite, but we cannot know. Infinity remains more of an idea than something that exists in physical reality.

#theuniverse #physics #Science #infinity

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